The Flock on the Rock is about a bunch of sea snails who, after hearing the adventures of one of their flock, decide they too want to see the world.

We are those snails…

The Flock on the Rock

Disillusioned by so many things at the moment and having earned from the public purse for some time, the decision to abandon ship came without too much hesitation. Working hard for a public body is now regarded as a dirty blemish on your character, not to mention the detrimental effect on your soul. Being beaten repeatedly with the same stick eventually has an adverse effect. STOP IT! Handing over money to all and sundry, this company, that corporation, government institutions and anyone else who dares to ask, is bleeding this family dry. Middle class robbery on a national scale! Yes, we too have sat in judgement and said all the things you are now thinking about this country (UK). The difference is, we are going to do something about it. No, we’re not in the habit of taking up arms or civil unrest, we don’t even complain that much either. The answer is to run away – as far and as fast as possible and watch the ensuing mêlée from somewhere else, somewhere sunny, anywhere but here. Doesn’t matter how bad things get, it always feels better when the sun is shining. Everything has been planned with all due predictable, wanton abandon and if things can go wrong then they probably will. At least we won’t be sat in our lounge, with the winter nights drawing in, bemoaning the fact. We intend to be laying on a sun drenched beach somewhere planning our next, daring adventure. What could possibly go wrong?

Post Script: As much as we would love to take all the credit for mostof the headline quotes, integrity dictates that should you wish to find them yourselves, go to:


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