Monthly Archives: September 2016

“Everything is octopusied.”


Another uneventful week drifts by and were it not for the creatures of the sea, I might well have gone mad, or even starved to death.


Only a little chap but big on wow! factor. Sliced, diced and tossed in salt and pepper flour, fried in butter, he was very, very tasty indeed.


And he remained fairly attractive, up until the end anyway.


Now what?


The wait is long but the dream does not end.


Just like you, we thought we would be somewhere else right now; in some far flung place that is a dot on the map where tourists have yet to muddy the path. Sadly,

We’re sat right here just waiting for the next thing to happen so we can up sticks and move on. To where? We don’t know but we expect it to be sometime soon. Whilst waiting, there are still a few things to be getting on with, like experimenting with fish…

Yellow Fin Tuna (deceased)

Yellow Fin Tuna (deceased)

I tend to put the fork in the picture, like a forensic detective has one of those black and white markers, to give an indication of scale. Is Yellow Fin one word or two? Yellowfin – Yellow Fin – Arghhh! You decide. Suffice to say, he/she/it was jolly delicious all stirred into a pasta bake.

Still with nothing to do, it was decided to entertain a dozen lads for lunch. Big, chunky chaps they were too…

Giant scampi

Giant scampi

Oh! Silly me. The lads WERE the lunch – guffaw!

The fishmonger said they were scampi but not as we know it, me thinks. I’m sure they’re just enormous prawns. Whatever they were, tossed in the frying pan with some fresh garlic, they slid down a treat. The only thing missing there was a chilled bottle of Chardonnay.

And still, there was nothing to do.

As you may have seen, there has been so much free time that another book has appeared, and there’s one in the pipeline too.

Please do have a look at the website because it took me a lot of time to fiddle with the darn thing to get it to work and I had to pay for the domain name so, the least you can do is visit it – okay? (Feel free to buy a copy!).

Well, it’s short and sweet because, if I haven’t mentioned it already, we’re just waiting for something to happen.

Tum, te, tum, te tum…