Monthly Archives: May 2016

“There are no uninteresting things, only uninterested people.”


As we await to hear of pastures new, the other side of the fence where the grass appears to be greener, let me introduce you to:

‘living IN A DREAM’ by my good-self, with the pseudonym Rowntree Travis, is a novel AND a play. This is the second book from the Rowntree Stable and a corker it is too. It’s as cheap as chips, available to download for under £2 and if you fancy the paperback, it’s priced so that postage is free; I’ll even sign it for you next time we meet.

They’re available on the link below or click on the book covers (although the paperback is being re-priced so is unavailable for a little while).

Spread the word and Enjoy!

P.S. And if you know me, you’ll recognise an awful lot.

CAUTION: Anything you say may be taken down and used in my next book!