Monthly Archives: March 2016

“I don’t just wish you rain, beloved – I wish you the beauty of storms.”



The thing about living in the desert, or what was once the desert but is now a collection of high-rise apartments and shopping malls, is that one expects glorious sunshine every day. Before we got here, there were stories of it not having rained for some four years however, since then, it seems the rainy weather has become more and more frequent. Goodness! Barely a week goes by now without some rain, which can be drizzle or a deluge causing flash floods, incredible lightning storms and thunder, high winds, dust storms or very cloudy/overcast days. The temperature drops to the mid-twenties Celsius and we don’t mind admitting it, it feels a tad chilly at times.

Another storm rolling in

Another storm rolling in

Here you have the Grand Mosque and we live a little way behind it.

We wonder, is it a sign?

Are we being told to up sticks and move on?

We kinda think so…