“I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feeeeel, so bad…”



There are many things in life that cheer the soul: For one, watching a cracking storm, whilst tucked away safely on our doorstep, looking out into the darkness at zig-zag lines as they reach down their spindly fingers to try and touch us if they can. But we are too clever for them; we hide on the porch and merely record the event on our cell-phones.

That’s exactly what we did, except there was some lethargy when it came to splicing and editing the video for you to see. Instead, we present some picture stills. Should there ever be a spare five minutes in the hectic schedules that rule us these days, we may give you a youtube link where you can watch the storm in all its glory but for now, you’ll just have to settle for some second rate pictures:

Snapshot 30 (30-10-2015 15-43)Snapshot 26 (30-10-2015 15-37)Snapshot 24 (30-10-2015 15-35)Snapshot 19 (30-10-2015 15-29)Snapshot 14 (30-10-2015 15-25)Snapshot 13 (30-10-2015 15-24)Snapshot 10 (30-10-2015 15-23)

Goodness, it really was a display and a half and it was relentless for many hours. Better than any November 5th Guy Fawkes malarkey, I can tell you. And, it was FREE!

Scampi Delight!

Now, on to the other favourite things; continuing  the ocean theme and that which has been cooked and placed into the mouth for consumption:

‘Fish (and Seafood) I Have Mainly Eaten’

These five, enormous lads were delivered for a few loose coins of no significant value, such is their proliferation in these coastal parts. Good for me – not so good for them.

It can’t possibly get any better than that, can it! What a combination!

Scampi and Lightning.

Hurricane heading our way, details coming up – or maybe not… 

Cyclone Chapala Remains a Powerful Storm in the Arabian Sea; Rare Destructive Landfall Threat to Oman.Look who's coming to visit

Not wishing anyone ill, especially our good neighbourinoes down there in Yemen, but it looks like it’ll swing south and give us no more than a blustery day here – insha’Allah!

We’ll keep you posted.


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