“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”


And this, I can assure you, will be your very best friend for ever and ever and ever

See what’s be written about it:

“A stunning read…”

“Five stars, seven if I could…”

“Couldn’t put it down, wouldn’t put it down…”

“Should be read by every person on this planet…”

“Pure genius…”

"A must read..."

“A must read…”

Of course, I said all those things but then that’s just because you haven’t had the time to say them yourselves yet.

Go to Wattpad.com and search for the title Slugs, Snails and Casino Tales.

Read it and I’ll post the second chapter if there’s enough interest (the second chapter is well weird!). Tweet it, instagram it, facebook thingy it, get all your friends and enemies to read the darn thing so I can make a few quid. Blimey! I’d do it for you if you were the literary genius – but you’re not and I am so tell everyone and get them to read and rate it. You wouldn’t want me to send the boys round, now would you?

“What a read. A refreshing insight into the mind of a lunatic…”

Well, you never know…



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