“If history repeats itself, I am so getting a dinosaur!”



It certainly has been a long time since we last met. One would expect that we have been busy, busy, busy and to all intents and purposes we have. Unfortunately, we have not been busy with exciting adventures – just life really. We wanted to experience both festival locations this year so we trundled along to Nassem park to see a herd of dinosaurs. Not real dinosaurs, of course, but as real-looking as they can be without having a heartbeat. Animatronics are quite good these days and there were no joins to be seen on their flesh-like foam bodies. Life-sized replicas of all the popular, and very extinct, creatures with names far too long to type were there. Very realistic roars and gurgles came with each specimen although someone did question how we would know what they really sounded like. We could all be so very, very wrong! Nevertheless, speakers blasted out supposed mating calls, roars, whistles and groans then we all pretended that they were alive and ran for our lives.

Don't panic, it's not real.

Don’t panic, it’s not real.

The head swished back and forth, it bobbed up and down, the jaw chattered and little arms scratched at the air, but enough about the wife – Guffaw! We then had the very clever idea to video the animatronics and make a hilarious movie where the models seemingly come alive and chase us around the park. It’s all on the video camera waiting to be uploaded. Waiting, just waiting…

There was a fun fair that too looked like it was from another age. An age before health and safety that is; rattling machinery and metal, clattering and swinging with unnatural forces which we were sure would herald catastrophe. We quickly and quietly moved along. A pleasant evening as things go and we can proudly say we were a part of the Muscat Festival 2015.


Still, not everyone was happy about it…

Oh Dear!

Oh Dear!

Still, you’ve gotta laugh – I did!

Short and sweet – but then so are we…




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