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Delicious Ambiguity –


“I wanted a perfect ending. Now I’ve learned, the hard way, that some poems don’t rhyme, and some stories don’t have a clear beginning, middle, and end. Life is about not knowing, having to change, taking the moment and making the best of it, without knowing what’s going to happen next.”

Gilda Radnor

So we embarked upon a rag-tag of opportunities and spontaneity, filling our free time (of which there doesn’t seem to be much these days) doing things so as to please and satisfy our adventurous spirits. Nothing too taxing or foolhardy, as we might have done in days gone by, merely doing stuff so as not to be sat indoors all the time. The sun is shining and the heat is on the up, up, up so let’s get out there and enjoy it all while it lasts.

It started with a trip to the Royal Opera House to see an unusual version of Tchaikovsky’s ‘The Nutcracker’ where the story had been changed from a Christmas to a birthday. Maybe it was done so as not to offend the predominate religion out here or maybe a clever adaptation to inject some enthusiasm into what can only be considered a well-worn, tried and tested storyline. It appeared to work but left some of us confused as we waited and waited for the appearance of a Christmas tree. It was well into the second half when the penny dropped. Never mind, ballet is ballet and the dancing bit is always a nonsense as far as I’m concerned. Of course, to aspiring ballerinas, such words could be devastating.

As ballets go and I’m certainly no expert, is was okay.

Well aware of how cold and miserable it is in other parts of the world, southern England for example, we try to be thankful for the warming rays that we feel practically every day, throughout the day and also throughout the night as it goes. No aching bones, no chilblains and certainly no frozen toes or faces, the sun never fails to lift our spirits and ward off any depressing thoughts of the economy, a general election or an unequal work/life balance. evening blissIn the cool of the evening, we often take a short journey to the end of the road and walk along the public beach. There are posher beaches close by, where ex-pats hang out with their Pimms, but we prefer the homeliness of the local sands and the local people that go there to relax, wash and race their cars. Yep, it’s probably one of the few places left in the world where there are no restrictions as to where you can drive your car or ride your quad-bike. Golden sands are regularly churned and the peacefulness of the lapping surf broken by revving engines and the spinning of wheels. In some ways it’s a good thing as there are no Big Brother, Nanny State do-gooders telling you what to do and where to do it but on the other hand, it does kind of ruin it for those that are not involved in the mechanical monster thing. Personally, we have to remember who was here first and who it all belongs to; we don’t complain – only to eachother perhaps. We live and let live. Wouldn’t you?

cars, camels and kidsIt’s a case of keep your eyes open, don’t trip over the ruts and enjoy it all as best you can.

beachcomers beware!

Beachcomers beware!

We continue to experiment with any number of new ideas and many of those new things involve food. Continuing with the much lauded and highly acclaimed series ‘Fish I Have Mostly Eaten’ we add to the list to prove our sense of adventure and, well, just for the hell of it really. We still find it odd that not so long ago, in a town somewhere on the south coast of England, we would pay an awful lot of money to view exotic fish swimming around in a tank. Here, we eat them for next to nothing.Parrot Fish

This tasty morsel was fried and believe me it was mouth-wateringly delicious. The large scales were bit of a bugger to deal with but the flesh was nothing less than pure heaven. This pretty Parrot-Fish, exactly the same as you would pay good money to gawp at in a commercial aquarium, was our lunch. Cheap as chips (but we didn’t have chips as it happens) he slipped down a treat and it could only have been improved upon by a drop or two of a chilled, Premier Cru Chablis. Ah well! We live in hope.

At this time, we are sat in the garden planning where to head for next. The glorious return of His Majesty, after a spell in Germany receiving treatment for an illness, has caused an outpouring of emotional loyalty and  we are all expecting a public holiday to be announced. One day, maybe two or even more. Whatever comes our way, we plan to make the most of it because there is still so much more to be seen. So much more to be done.

Why goodness! I haven’t really got time to finish…


“There is no friend as loyal as a book.”


And this, I can assure you, will be your very best friend for ever and ever and ever

See what’s be written about it:

“A stunning read…”

“Five stars, seven if I could…”

“Couldn’t put it down, wouldn’t put it down…”

“Should be read by every person on this planet…”

“Pure genius…”

"A must read..."

“A must read…”

Of course, I said all those things but then that’s just because you haven’t had the time to say them yourselves yet.

Go to and search for the title Slugs, Snails and Casino Tales.

Read it and I’ll post the second chapter if there’s enough interest (the second chapter is well weird!). Tweet it, instagram it, facebook thingy it, get all your friends and enemies to read the darn thing so I can make a few quid. Blimey! I’d do it for you if you were the literary genius – but you’re not and I am so tell everyone and get them to read and rate it. You wouldn’t want me to send the boys round, now would you?

“What a read. A refreshing insight into the mind of a lunatic…”

Well, you never know…


“If history repeats itself, I am so getting a dinosaur!”



It certainly has been a long time since we last met. One would expect that we have been busy, busy, busy and to all intents and purposes we have. Unfortunately, we have not been busy with exciting adventures – just life really. We wanted to experience both festival locations this year so we trundled along to Nassem park to see a herd of dinosaurs. Not real dinosaurs, of course, but as real-looking as they can be without having a heartbeat. Animatronics are quite good these days and there were no joins to be seen on their flesh-like foam bodies. Life-sized replicas of all the popular, and very extinct, creatures with names far too long to type were there. Very realistic roars and gurgles came with each specimen although someone did question how we would know what they really sounded like. We could all be so very, very wrong! Nevertheless, speakers blasted out supposed mating calls, roars, whistles and groans then we all pretended that they were alive and ran for our lives.

Don't panic, it's not real.

Don’t panic, it’s not real.

The head swished back and forth, it bobbed up and down, the jaw chattered and little arms scratched at the air, but enough about the wife – Guffaw! We then had the very clever idea to video the animatronics and make a hilarious movie where the models seemingly come alive and chase us around the park. It’s all on the video camera waiting to be uploaded. Waiting, just waiting…

There was a fun fair that too looked like it was from another age. An age before health and safety that is; rattling machinery and metal, clattering and swinging with unnatural forces which we were sure would herald catastrophe. We quickly and quietly moved along. A pleasant evening as things go and we can proudly say we were a part of the Muscat Festival 2015.


Still, not everyone was happy about it…

Oh Dear!

Oh Dear!

Still, you’ve gotta laugh – I did!

Short and sweet – but then so are we…