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“Time has changed the magical to mundane”


It really was a matter of time before we exhausted all the good things to do, only to be left with the mundane. Work takes precedence these days, just as much as it does and would anywhere else we were to find ourselves. The advantage of that is, of course, it pays just enough to procure one or two of life’s luxuries and the odd trip overseas once or twice a year.

In the interim, between adventures that is, we have taken to amusing ourselves with a Japanese Fighting Fish named ‘George’. For the ‘a-fish-ionados’ out there, it is a Betta fish. Unfortunately, this breed has been bred to fight so he lives alone, less he kills or gets killed. George? Well, he is rather curious.

Georgie Boy

Georgie Boy

As for work, one has to be forever mindful that one is only a small explosion away from meeting one’s maker. Work in the crude oil business is often very rewarding but very, very dangerous!

Watch where you drop that lighted fag butt...

Watch where you drop that lighted fag butt Colin…

As I stood at the source of the smoke and flames, I considered my lot; I evacuated as per my own policies and procedures and thereby live to tell this sorry tale.

With little else to amuse us during these cold, winter months, we often perambulate about the mall to find warmth, amusement and the weekly shop. Sad that we are, we delight in a new pastime with our new friends. It is a fad that will catch on and you heard it here first – the worldwide phenomenon that will be DigiBirds. We have two that we are somewhat fond of and sing along with every day. What fun, what joy…

Birds of a feather plastic

If you haven’t had the pleasure yet, check out our two friends at:

Blimey! Have we really become so sad that we have resorted to a couple of mechanical, plastic toys to entertain us? Too right we have, SING ALONG NOW…

Apologies to one and all for such an appalling blog post but that’s what boredom and idle hands will do for you.

Happy New Year!

P.S. When is the cut-off date for saying that?