“The wisest are the most annoyed at the loss of time.”


Ramadam Kareem!

Have you ever got back from your holiday, unpacked, washed and ironed the filthy laundry, settled down and then wondered; what on earth to do next?

Why, we’ve only just got back and we’re off again!

It’s time to pack our trusty backpacks and make our way to the airport – England here we come…

As usual, we’ve researched this trip and found that temperatures are set to ‘soar’ in the UK to 30 degrees Celsius or thereabouts. Not to worry, we’ll pack a light sweater or two and look forward to some  refreshments from the local alehouse. A beer and a pint of prawns me thinks. And, we will definitely be making our way to our favourite Sarth (sic) London establishment for what is undoubtedly the finest food that money can buy. Pie, Mash, Stewed Eels and Liquor. Should you be unfortunate enough not to know what I am on about, then poor old you. Have a look at this scrumptious delight. Blinkin’  ‘andsome.

Food of the gods!

Food of the gods!

So, it’s off to dear old Blighty for fun, food and fine wine. It’s no good complaining that we are off on yet another adventure but haven’t yet started reporting the last one. Some things just cannot wait.

Oh, alright then, a taste of India…

On route to somewhere unsavoury

Tuk Tuk – Auto-Rickshaw Mayhem

We flew to Kerala in the South of India, known as ‘God’s Own Country’ by the locals. We travelled into Tamil Nadu and back again, went to the Southernmost tip, looked out to Antarctica and documented pretty much most of the journey in photos and video. To quench your thirst for our adventure, here’s a little something we put together.


Please don’t be impatient by flicking through the progress bar at the bottom of the youtube video. Sit back and relax, take fifteen minutes out of your stressful day to enjoy our journey, second by second, as it happened. There’ll be more when we return. Much more but until then…

Engerlund, Engerlund, Engerlund!

Two Pie, Mash, Eels and Liquor, if you please!

Sutton’s finest.



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