The world is full of massive things in motion and little creatures often get hurt.


Ramadam Kareem!

As we try to stuff the unstuffable into our rucksacks, we consider our lot. The things we have done and those that we are about to do. Most of those things are nicey, nicey jolly-dee things but some are downright foolhardy, if not dangerous in a fatal sort of way. Isn’t that what ‘adventure’ is all about? And, if you’re thinking our adventures aren’t ‘real’ adventures – like they’re not free climbing up the sheer side of a mountain or crossing the desert on a bicycle with only a can of cola as sustenance, then read on. Bear in mind that we have in our party one with very short legs who doesn’t yet appreciate all those aspects of life threatening danger (that’s why we often send her in first to ‘test the waters’) not to mention another who often sees  life threatening danger when there really isn’t any, and caution then becomes an even greater danger. Of course, in order to keep you entertained as you sit there in your luxury lounges sipping your low alcohol lagers and dodgy new world wines, the writer has, in the past, been slightly guilty of a little literary licence here and there. Not so much that anything is fabricated. Not so much that we make things out to be more dangerous than they actually are. Just enough to keep the theme merrily rolling along and enough interest inserted in the hope that these blogs get noticed and are subsequently turned into a best-selling book.

Recently, if you are a regular  ‘follower’ of The Flock on the Rock, you will recall some our many trips to Salmah Plateau. Our private retreat where we get high (above sea level, silly!) and engage in some camping fun and games; barbecuing mayhem, star-gazing and generally mucking about. If you need reminding then you can have another look at this blog from a while ago:

January 27 2013 – “We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”

Salmah Plateau at 1500 metres, Camp #1 Jan 27th 2013

Salmah Plateau at 1500 metres, Jan 27th 2013

Or relive the danger with us


And if you ever thought that it was no more than a potter to the top of a mountain and back again, then please read on:

Not so funny now then!?

Not so funny now then, is it?

“The pitiable condition of the road…roadside protections are missing….sharp curves and dust on the tracks…”

This is the route we take to camp on the mountain and visit the remote villages atop. There is only one route up and one route down. These are the routes reported here.

Yep, when we face danger and write to tell you about it, we really do face danger. Always venturing where others might fear to tread.

Right then, we’re off to India.

Hope to be back, Insha’Allah.


About The Flock on the Rock

DISCLAIMER: This blog is primarily about our life and our news in the Sultanate of Oman. It is the intention of this blog to stay within the laws of the Sultanate of Oman at all times. Any perception that this is not the case is due to an incorrect and/or inaccurate interpretation of the contents of this blog. I can be contacted at jagwhite2209(at)gmail(dot)com

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