“We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count,…”



In case you were concerned (were you?) we are safe and well. The ‘great’ cyclone that we were expecting and warned about never materialised. Apparently, it blew itself out somewhere mid-ocean so we didn’t suffer any adverse weather conditions whatsoever. A ploy, me thinks, by the bottled water companies et al!?

Just to let you know, this week we head off to pastures new. Nothing permanent, we hope, but a vacation (holiday), well deserved and eagerly anticipated. We’re popping next door but one (next door is actually Iran) to India.

From here to there and back again...

From here to there and back again…

This will be our route and we hope to be doing some trekking stuff with right proper adventure things as well. We have purchased the necessary equipment, large rucksacks and Australian ‘Cattleman’ hats. With trusty Swiss army knife in pocket (not on the plane of course!) we are all prepared and itching to go. Ah! ‘Vaccinations’, I hear you cry. Well, as we have been living here for some time we (stupidly) believe we are, sort of, immune now. Anyway, prevention is better than cure so we have spent our pocket money on mosquito repellent, cover-up clothing, mosquito netting, mosquito wristbands, snoods and anything else we can think of (including fresh garlic, lavender, citronella and lucky gonk – Yep, we honestly have) to keep the pesky blighters away.

“Cruise along Kerala’s beautiful backwaters, wander through spice fields, explore tropical forests, visit ancient palaces and relax on idyllic beaches for a blissful family holiday.”

That’s what the blurb says. Naturally, I will be reporting the truth, no matter how distasteful it may be to them or us.

It goes on to say:

Take the family away on a relaxing holiday in southern India. This south-west corner of India is a tropical paradise filled with Hindu temples, hill stations, pretty villages, lush green forests and tranquil backwaters. The adventure starts in beautiful spice-scented Cochin and drifts gently through Kerala. Make friends with a rural family over a meal and learn about local cultural traditions. Get up close to the glorious elephants that the region is known for and return home relaxed after a houseboat cruise. Finally, enjoy the Indian Ocean’s beaches to end this unforgettable getaway in style.

  • Be amazed by Shiva’s bedtime rituals
  • Cruise through Malabar’s beautiful backwaters
  • Enjoy Cochin’s easy-going pace
  • Explore wildlife rich jungle
  • Go on a nature walk in search of monkeys
  • Relax on pristine golden-sand beaches
  • Visit a local family for lunch
  • Watch the sunset on a harbour cruise


Now, what to do with the kid…?

We depart as Ramadan starts so we’ll be missing the start of the holy month. Well, we were here for it last year so we are excused.

Wish us well.

Cancel the milk and papers – BACK SOON!



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