…Water, water everywhere, Nor any drop to drink



Muscat: Tropical storm Nanauk is expected to hit the coast of Oman between Ras Al Hadd and Ras Madrakah on June 15.



Bit of a windy one headed our way. We’ve taken all proper precautions by battening down the hatches, keeping fresh batteries in the radio and panic buying bread, water and anything else that was left on the shelves (including dental floss and haemorrhoid cream, bizarrely enough). The drinking water is safely stacked in the lounge, 100 bottles of Jebel Akhdar’s finest spring water, locally sourced from the very mountain we were atop not so long ago.

The cyclone heading our way may not match the great cyclone ‘Gonu’ of 2007 or the great pretender of 2010, ‘Phet’ but it is guaranteed to be jolly lively with very high winds and severe flooding. This bad boy has been given the name of ‘Nanauk’ (although that could be a lady name?). As usual, we look on the bright side and have prepared the backgammon board for the long haul should we become stranded.

And if we get the chance to take some snaps we’ll let you see what it was all about. This Sunday coming we should be in the thick of it. It’ll start Saturday and finish on Monday according to meteorologists. Come to think of it, it is blowing a hooley as we speak so hang on to your brolley’s;

“Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more…”

‘Tis more exciting than the world cup, me thinks?

Stay safe. We will,



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