Six lanes’ worth of unadulterated fear!



Don’t get over-excited, there’s not much to report. As far as interesting and fun things go, we haven’t done an awful lot. The recent ballet at The Royal Opera House immediately springs to mind. The Bavarian State ballet to be precise, with their adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. If you’re unfamiliar with this story, yawn, then it goes something like this: boy meets girl, forbidden love, they both die in the end. There was a lot of prancing about in very tight tights and the always amusing ‘lunch-box’ was worth a giggle or two.

file photo

him and her doing their thing!

The lavish costumes and classical dance spectacular was however most appreciated, but not by all of us. On to more interesting things…

We have taken to drinking a strange concoction, bought in bottles, it appears to be frog’s spawn or bacteria.

Tomorrow's tadpoles?

Tomorrow’s tadpoles?

It’s jolly tasty, comes in a variety of alien fruit flavours, is so thick that it struggles to exit the glass and enter the throat, produces an almost immediate quick step to the loo and cost less than the price of a penny-chew. The label states that it’s made from basil seeds – goodness me,whatever next! Bizarre and infinitely more interesting than watching effeminate chaps engaged in a lot of toe-pointing, pas de deux, pirouette stuff.

Talking of interesting things…

Should your life be dull beyond all compare and you have nothing whatsoever to alleviate the monotony of existence, then you can do no better than to waste 32 minutes of your time watching my daily journey home from work. As it goes, it might be of interest in a touristy sort of way, looking at the passing view or even to guffaw at the crazy driving antics (theirs, not mine) that often leads to death and destruction. There are odd characters too, who jump in front of your vehicle for no apparent reason. You should spot a couple of them towards the end of the video, if you manage to get that far without ending it all. The plan is, to continue this theme of film making but only with the edited highlights so as not to bore you silly. Sit back and enjoy the tedium.

Until very, very, very soon,

Happy Easter!



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