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“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.”



It’s been a long, hard slog negotiating the harsh winter months. The drudgery of waking and getting out of bed in the dark, coming home in the dark and sleeping through the bitter, cold nights. Actually, the bitter cold nights are of our own making as we have the air conditioning on all night. It allows you to snuggle under the duvet, safe and secure, foetal like, hibernating from the cruel world outside. It also keeps the bloody mosquitoes off. If it gets too hot and the duvet is cast aside with wanton abandon, the leg that pokes out, the arm that feels refreshed in the cooling breeze of the fan, the bum cheek once sweaty but now cold to the touch, is mercilessly attacked and usually more than once. Funnily enough, you don’t really notice it until a day or two later when a curious itch develops and before you know it, you’ve scratched the head off the bite and an infection has set in. ‘Tis  but a small price to pay for the warming sunshine that keeps the pain of old age from these creaking bones.

So, what have we been upto? Well, as I say, the weather has been somewhat cool of late. Not so cool that you’d need to dip in to the winter wardrobe but enough to shudder every so often and prevent us from venturing high in to the mountains. For some, cold is a distant memory and they can only imagine what it would be like to be chilly.



Crazy eh? It was 27 degrees Celsius at the time. Along with our ‘cold’ spell, it has, unusually, rained quite frequently and whenever it rains – it always floods. Floods are fun. Dangerous I grant you. But fun, fun, fun if you have a good 4 x 4 and a reckless attitude. There’s nothing like blasting through where the low-riding speedsters fear to go when a little rainwater is present.

Wet, wet, wet

Wet, wet, wet

Trust me, this is a mere puddle to what is around when it floods. People are seriously washed away as they drive along and death is a reality in such circumstances. Still, four wheel drive engaged and tally-ho!

It was festival time and we managed both venues this year. One was a huge market place selling, well, tat is the best word for it. The other location offered nothing different to the previous year. Of the five photos that were taken on that day, the only two worth offering to you are these:

girls singing

girls singing



And, for information, they do wear such clothes everyday and if you were to visit us here in the beautiful Sultanate of Oman, you would see it for yourselves. OK?

It really has been a time of, well, just living I suppose and at times we wonder whether we are still on the ‘holiday that was to last forever’. We blame the winter, feelings of being back in the rat-race and an uncertain future that awaits us. Optimism is ever present though and such negative feelings are quickly brushed aside. A job with the Royal Office, the promise of 50 degree Celsius temperatures this summer and the north of the country yet to be explored goes a long way to  renew our sense of adventure and gratitude that has led us to secure our stay for at least another year.

  Do we have plans? Oh! Do we have plans.

We shall head for Musandam up north, delve into the Empty Quarter that is the interior desert, take to the pirate infested waters of the region, find the elusive beach and watch turtles hatch, immerse ourselves in the arts (Romeo and Juliet at the stunning Opera House this month), partake of new and exciting dishes, drinks, events and traditional ways of life. The holiday certainly does continue…

Before we leave:

Not short-listed for the 2014 Sony World Photographic Competition - what were they thinking????

Not short-listed for the 2014 Sony World Photographic Competition – what were they thinking????

Take care one and all. Wrap up warm. Keep safe. Run fast and stay low.

Until very soon.