Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.


It was inevitable. Sooner or later we would all get a cold – a good old common cold to bring us down and make us feel like crap. Still, could be worse – we could be sitting in the cold and damp with snotty noses. As it is, the warmth of the glorious sunshine even makes the sniffles and coughing bearable.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, the sniffles as previously mentioned, we opted for a relaxing weekend just hanging around the villa doing family stuff. Our chief entertainments officer decided that she would have us doing some arty type stuff so off we trudged to the local shop to buy some brightly coloured bits and bobs for our general fun and relaxation. Armed with a basket full of poster paints, coloured card, plasticine, modelling clay, skewers, glue, glitter, paint brushes and some sticky-backed plastic, for no more than the lose change in our pockets, we headed back home for tea and mutual sympathy.

Well, if you haven’t mucked about with arty stuff for a while then grab some glue and play – tremendous fun, er, hum, especially for the youngsters…

Art Attack!

Art Attack!

Honestly, I cannot remember the last time I had this much fun without something electrical in my hands! Not quite sure what everyone else was making but a mushroom grove was developing before my very eyes. Fly agaric or Amanita muscaria for the cleverest of you out there, should bring back memories of Alice and a certain Charles Lutwidge Dodgson aka Lewis Carroll.

The sea shells that we had collected (see previous blog) needed some artwork to make them attractive. Ordinarily we abide by the rule of take nothing and leave nothing when we visit places however, what kid hasn’t sought out some shells from the shoreline to take back home as a keepsake? At least the shells we had were completely bleached white by the sun and most were in a state of fossilisation anyway. On their own they were not attractive and we only took what we needed. In fact, we have decided to return some shells now that they are in a better condition than when we found them – they’re colourful now! Just imagine another child finding these brightly coloured shells on their visit. We aim to please!

The end result was pretty much what we all expected – paint everywhere, a right mess to clear up, some lovely artwork to display (or return) and jolly good fun had by all – a sea shell butterfly amongst sea shell fungi.  Who needs TV or electrical goods to have fun? Good, old fashioned arts and craft win hands down any time – Right?

Shells, paint and some clay

Shells, paint and some clay

Suffice to say, we all chipped in to each other’s work so well done all round.

At this time, another soggy hankersniff glides its way through the air heading for the bin, but landing on the floor. As soon as we are all bright and perky again we’ll be off on yet another mad-cap adventure. Although another weekend of mucking about with paint and paper wouldn’t be too disastrous.

Until then,



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