And the rain, rain, rain came down, down, down…


Who said it doesn’t rain in the desert? Well, this used to be the desert before the building program began some 40 years ago. Between the two major towns up here there was nothing but sand and we all know what that looks like. So, technically, it still is the desert.When it rains it pours and the excitement is just too much for some. Hanging out of windows and standing on rooftops is the only way to watch the water fall from the sky.



It rained with gusto, caused the usual flooding, dried up a bit, then rained again. Most of you will be thinking; pictures of the rain, are they mad? Well out here it’s what you do when it rains – apart from panic when you’re driving. It’s unusual, it’s exciting, it’s alien, it’s beautiful – IT’S RAIN! And take pictures of it is what we do, ok?

The wet stuff

The wet stuff

This weekend we are off again on our adventures. This time we are attempting to negotiate the mountains of Jabel Asar’h and Jabel Shams with a visit to a traditional Omani home, if we can find one. We want to see some locals grinding and roasting coffee beans, grinding wheat and some traditional bread making. Overnight we will be sat around the fire atop a mountain where the temperature is expected to dip below freezing and we hope to see a sprinkling of snow as we navigate our way through the stunning scenery. With winter woollies at the ready, we expect to be snug as bugs as we sip our hot apple drink and await the arrival of the portly chap dressed in red. Oh yes, Santa is coming  and I have been a particularly good boy this year.

As soon as we return, we shall post our ‘Happy Holidays’ blog (Christmas to you) and keep you upto date and fully informed of the magical time we are having here in this glorious country that is The Sultanate of Oman.

Stay warm wherever you are this winter.



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