Learning to Swim


There really hasn’t been too much to report. How soon one slots in to the daily grind of domestic routines. It stills feels like a holiday however and the blistering heat still warms the body and soul. Even when things are a little mundane, the sun is always there to cheer the weary worker, a bright start to every morning and a warm glow to every evening. To tell the truth, it was a little bit cloudy the other day and noticeably cooler, dipped below 90 degrees it did, but the humidity came into its own at a stonking 83% according to my thermo and humidty gauge hanging on the wall outside.

I turned another corner of advancing years but had very little to celebrate.                     There was a cake, of course…


And a hastily constructed hand-made card.


But then came the presents:

There was a book entitled ‘Off-Road in Oman’.

A map of Oman.

And something else…

Here in Oman, life proceeds at a leisurely pace. Why not? It’s far too hot to rush around doing stuff or even thinking complicated thoughts. The watchword appears to be ‘Boukra’, which translates to ‘tomorrow’. As other cultures may say “Mañana” or even “Not this side of Christmas matey”, here in Oman everything is ‘Boukra’. This is often said in conjunction with ‘Insha’allah’ which, as we all know by now, is ‘god willing’. There we have it then, everything is tomorrow and that is only on the proviso that god has previously willed it to be so. This has the effect of causing some delays – to most things. It’s a bit like learning to swim I suppose? Adapting to our new life and getting to grips with the culture, we sometimes feel like we’re drowning, sometimes it all goes perfectly well and we steam ahead, we sometimes flounder and look for assistance, we momentarily lose our direction and we question our goals. But, above all else, we are splashing around and having the time of our lives.

As such, my eagerly awaited birthday present did not arrive on time. It still hasn’t arrived. It is highly questionable whether it will ever arrive.  Tomorrow never seems to come! What is this present? Well, you’ll have to wait for the surprise just like I have to. To tell you the truth, it really is no surprise anymore as I know what it is. But, if I have to wait to get it then you can darn well wait to see it. To give you a clue:  it is brand spanking new, built in 2012 (and I turned down a new, 5.0 litre Ford Mustang to have it), it has 5.4 litres in a V8 block delivering 310BHP/5100RPM with 50.4kg-m of torque. It’s a gas-guzzling MONSTER!!! It does 13 km per gallon and I don’t feel guilty about the environment at all. Well, maybe just a tad.

Enough already! Like I said, not much has happened that we feel it necessary to report by way of blog. It is still ‘early days’ and as we become a little more organised then we shall begin the real adventures. For one, we plan to drive across the desert, a three day sojourn in the sand dunes just camping and watching the stars. That’ll be in November when its cooler. Until then, they’ll be some mini-adventures to share with you and, as always, a photo or two to keep you informed and to show you just how much fun we REALLY are having.



Until the next time.



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