The Weekend


Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside…

Of course, the weekend also consists of trawling the hypermarket shelves for something to eat and looking at the pictures on food labels to make sure its not pet food we’re buying for our consumption. Then, its a quick trip down to the beach, just to hang out and unwind from the not so hectic week at work. The water is warm and the sand is soft.

Way, way back we wrote about the start of this adventure and we jokingly put that we are ‘going on holiday, forever‘. Certainly, at the weekends and pretty much every week day it does actually feel like a holiday. A long, long holiday that has no end in sight. When opportunities such as this are plentiful, why oh why do you all stay glued to your comfort zones?

Do something amazing! See the World…

P.S. Our weekend is not, necessarily, the same as your weekend. Mostly though, every day here is just like the weekend. For clarity’s sake, Thursday and Friday is the weekend, Friday being the holy day. Just wanted to tidy that little matter up. Who’s Clarity?

For those who have stumbled across this merry little blog; Facebook doesn’t appear in our vocabulary so as much as we would like to like you too, I don’t think we can without the demon darkening our sunny threshold. Suffice to say, WE LIKE YOU ALL!

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