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As-Salāmu `Alaykum (السلام عليكم)

All fun and games at the camp site we used to call home. We have amassed a collection of suitcases and things to put in them. There is a method of ensuring that we do not incur excess baggage charges and that is, place out only the very bare essentials that you need then reduce it by half. The picture is our ‘half’ that we are left with and we propose to take the darn lot. Doesn’t look too bad, does it? Suddenly, you realise there are no clothes in the pile, or kitchen bits or toys or games or shoes or towels or toiletries or loads of other stuff we surely cannot live without. Being ruthless doesn’t really become us. We have set aside a large sum of money for excess baggage charges…

Closing down your old life can be a traumatic and expensive adventure in itself. Take good old BT for example: Having been a loyal customer of theirs for over 25 years and no longer held in any minimum contract, giving a full months notice of intention to leave, they now seek to apply charges to the end of their monthly invoicing period beyond that of the month’s notice required, they propose to charge an extra £30 to say goodbye and finish our relationship with them. Goodbye? GOOD RIDDANCE!

Now take the NHS. Over £100 to have a blood test in order to specify a blood group for an overseas driving licence and that takes at least a week. (We’ll wait and get the pinprick test over there for a fiver with results instantly); or the £30 for a doctor’s letter to get some prescription drugs over there as none will be provided for being away. These are just a few, a very few, of the reasons we decided to go. When the euphoria of the Olympics is over, prepare thyselves for this country’s inevitable depression. Ha bloody ha! Were off…



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